HTC Holding Conference Feb 19th For M7?

HTC Holding Conference Feb 19th For M7?


Well this is certainly a surprise! New invitations sent out to some larger tech blog’s have confirmed that HTC is hosting an event on February 19th, nearly a week before Mobile World Congress!

Rumors about their new flagship device, codenamed the HTC M7, have been all over the internet this week. These types of leaks point at an imminent release, so everyone was expecting news on the phone soon.

However, the timing of the leaks led most to believe that the phone would launch at Mobile World Congress. MWC is a massive show in Barcelona every February where many flagship products are announced.

HTC announcing their device so early is very strange. Maybe they just want a week head start on sales before everything else launches at MWC. Maybe they just want all the attention on themselves rather than share the spotlight with several other high end phones.

Also possible, but unlikely, is the fact that HTC doesn’t think their new high end device will be able to hold it’s own when compared to everything else that is being released. I really hope this is not the case, but supposed specifications for other devices at the conference are mind blowing. It remains to be seen if the M7 internals are good enough.

All speculation aside, the event is being held on the 19th, which is about a week before MWC and probably two weeks or more before Samsung’s rumored Galaxy S IV announcement. At least some of our questions will be answered soon.

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