Blackberry 10 Being Launched Tomorrow! – FINALLY

Blackberry 10 Being Launched Tomorrow! – FINALLY


It has been an incredibly long wait, but the end is almost here. Frustrated fans are as giddy as a young child on Christmas Eve. Competitor fanboys are getting ready to slam it to defend their precious operating system choices.

Ladies and Gentlemen. In less than 24 hours, RIM will release Blackberry 10 upon the world.

The Canadian company has everything riding on this launch. With only between 1 and 3 devices being launched (a slate phone, a qwerty phone, and possibly a new playbook tablet), the company’s future depends on the next few months.

First looks at the devices and OS have been generally positive, but can the company shake the reputation it’s gained in the last 5 years? Is a new OS what it takes to jump start their brand and return to dominance?

It’s going to be an exciting day. For this company, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of their lives.

Event starts at 7:00am PST. There will be tons of liveblogs on larger sites if you would like to follow along. Check back in here after the event for updates and our impressions of the event.


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