Acer Developing Cheap 8 and 10 Core Tablets

Acer Developing Cheap 8 and 10 Core Tablets


So apparently $200 is the new tablet pricing sweet spot. New rumors are circulating stating that Acer is planning on releasing 8 and 10 core cpu equipped tablets for the sub-300 dollar range. Acer, and many other companies, are hot on the heels of Asus after they released the incredibly popular Nexus 7 tablet with Google.

Sidenote – Am I the only one who ALWAYS confuses Asus and Acer? I actually had to Google which one made the Nexus 7 before starting this article.

Anyways, the new tablets are the successor to the new B1 tablet which offered decent specs at a $199 price point. Nothing is confirmed at the moment, but a 7 inch tablet with twice the power of the Nexus 7 without raising the price could definitely look appealing to…well anyone looking for a midsize tablet.

The rumors state that there might be a low end $200 8 core 7 inch model and a high end $250 10 core 10 inch model. This give enough variety to appeal to the entire tablet market, and that price it’s sure not going to lose to any current offerings.

It still remains to be seen if anything comes out of this. The Iconia B1 tablet was VERY entry level. Google was making a very small margin on the Nexus 7 devices, but was hopeful that this would spur excitement about the play store ecosystem and offset the cost of production. Acer does not have any such ecosystem so they’ll have to cut back elsewhere – namely components. Hopefully by the time these things hit market, the price of parts has lowered enough to get some decent specs in.

Source – PocketNow

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