iOS 6.1 Released for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad

iOS 6.1 Released for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad



Apple has released the latest and greatest update for your iDevices today. The doesn’t bring any mindblowing new features, so don’t get your hopes up.

6.1 mainly seems to be a bugfix release, with one or two new features. There is now more LTE support for global carriers, a reset button for the advertising ID, the ability for iTunes Match subscribers to download individual tracks directly from iCloud, and the ability to purchase movie tickets from Fandango via Siri. There are also a ton of security fixes that can be found on Apple’s website.

While the iCloud iTunes download and Fandango integration is nice, the only MAJOR update is the LTE fix. I was kind of hoping for more functions available through Siri…like the ability to turn off wifi or something? Maybe that’s being left for iOS 7?

You can get the update as you usually would, by clicking on the option to update in settings or connecting to iTunes.


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