Google SmartWatch In The Works?

Google SmartWatch In The Works?



Everyone has been really excited about the prospect of the Google Glass project since it was officially announced last year. Many Google executives and celebrities have been seen around the world wearing the amazing new technology. Despite the appearances and announcements, top Google engineers still say the product is not quite ready for primetime. That’s where this rumor of a Google Smartwatch comes in.

Smartphone accessories are a huge market. Bluetooth headsets have been largely popular for many years and even companies like HTC are trying to include accessories that provide new ways of interacting with your phone, as seen with the HTC Mini.

Smartwatches have also been gaining popularity recently. Companies like Sony, Pebble and MetaWatch have all produced their own versions of this innovative product. The watches are supposed to be a low powered way of keeping up to date with only the most important things available on your smartphone.

Artist renders leaked last week of this supposed Google branded smartwatch, and immediately people started wondering if this could, in fact, be a legitimate thing. Google is always pushing for new and inventive ways of interacting with your information and the rest of your life. They pride themselves on making this integration as seamless as possible. It makes sense that they would want to produce something like this. This would be a great project for the tech giant while people wait around for their Google Glass shipments. It seems easy enough to do as well. They could probably crank out a simple version of the software and hardware in under a year.

So is this just another rumor? Possibly. It seems like a great idea but only Google knows for sure if it’s worth it in the long run. We’ll only find out if this is fact or fiction if Google actually announces something. Until then, just have to keep dreaming.

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