128GB iPad 5 Rumors

128GB iPad 5 Rumors



New rumors circulating the web are pointing to an updated iPad being launched by Apple this year. While past iterations of the popular Tablet have maxed out at 64GB, new reports say that this year that number will double for their high end unit.

As usual with their pricing scheme, every storage bump will increase the price by $100 USD. According to the source, the new 128GB iPad 5 will start at $799 USD for a Wi-Fi only version and go as high as $929 USD for a 4G + Wi-Fi version. No word yet if they will also upgrade the storage availability in the iPhone as well.

It will be a bit strange to see a company promoting MORE internal storage in this day and age. Most other companies, like Google, are lowering the amount of included storage and pushing customers to their cloud storage solutions. Maybe Apple just acknowledges the iPad for what it is, a great consumption device. It allows people to take their content with them wherever they go, internet availability or not.

As someone who is frequently left without a data connection, this sounds like a great idea to me. With flash storage becoming cheaper every day it would be amazing to see more tablet manufacturers doing this.

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