Samsung Galaxy S IV Confirmed On AT&T? Nope.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Confirmed On AT&T? Nope.



A new Samsung phone model has been discovered in a user agent profile sporting a 1080p screen and AT&T bands on board. All signs are pointing to it being a Galaxy S IV device in testing…or are they?

While this information is exciting, this leak is very possibly a fake. First off, it is very easy to fake this type of information on Android devices. Any savvy user can make their phone appear to be something else. I could make my phone appear to be the iGalaxyDroid 8XS running WinBerryBeanOS 6.10.

Second, and closely tied to that last point, the model doesn’t match up with existing data. The Model number used in the UAProf is SGH-1337. 1337 is popularly used online to mean “leet” aka “Elite”. It has been popularly used online for a number of years. In addition, and based on actual historical data, The AT&T Version of the Galaxy S III was the SGH-1747. One would expect the model number to increase typically. Other rumors state that the global version of the phone is going to be the GT-1950X model, so the 1337 does not match up globally either. The only thing that seems to confirm existing rumors is the presence of a full HD display.

While it’s nice to get information, this seems like another silly practical joke that got too much journalism behind it. I’m calling it a hoax. It’s hard keeping excitement about the device down considering how popular and powerful the SIII was. It doesn’t help much that the phone is skipping the Mobile World Congress and set to be released much later.

Pranksters always know how to toy with my emotions.


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