YouTube Capture update adds 1080p video recording

YouTube Capture update adds 1080p video recording


Google’s YouTube capture app has now supported 1080p YouTube video capture and sharing on iOS devices. The latest update enables users to select 1080p video capture and share it directly to their YouTube channel.

Compared with Vine, the latest video sharing platform held by twitter, the YouTube capture is more of a traditional video recording app that features simple video editing and direct uplink to YouTube channels. Vine, a more simplified video sharing community, has gained some recognition for its not-more-than-6-secs video uploads. Although the YouTube capture app is not working like the Vine app does, it is really an instant uploaded for YouTube itself. Users who are looking for high definition and more detailed video sharing should go for the capture app. If you are looking for an Instagram like short video community, Vine will definitely be a fresh and user friendly choice.

It seems to me that not only customers are looking for traditional photos sharing community, they are also seeking for fast and quality video hosts that can boast the same effect like facebook does. Thanks to the latest hardware and 4G network, it is now increasingly possible that these social networking platforms will transfer to lively video streaming social networks.


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