Simple Calendar Widget App Now Owned By

Simple Calendar Widget App Now Owned By

2013-01-26 12.11.37

Popular Android calendar widget application “Simple Calendar Widget” has been purchased by the owners of The ownership was announced in the “Whats New” section of the app’s update page.

Simple Calendar widget is a very successful application, with between 1 million and 5 million total installs from the Google Play Store. It is widely used in theme customization because of it’s minimalist stylings. It is no surprise that it was purchased by this particular buyer. is a popular website for Android / iOS homescreen themes and customization. Users post screenshots of the modifications they have completed on their phones for others to see, along with some instructions on how to duplicate the image on your own phone. The site has really shown the lengths people can go to with customization. It takes a phone from a functional tool, and makes it art.

Now that MyColorScreen has bought this application, I wonder what’s next? Are they going to go through and systematically purchase every highly customizable or popular theming application, or was this just a one time thing?

If you haven’t already, I HIGHLY recommend checking out both the “Simple Calendar Widget” app and . I use both and it really has opened my eyes to what’s possible on new mobile operating systems.

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