Samsung, Apple ranks top in mobile phone sales 2012

Samsung, Apple ranks top in mobile phone sales 2012


Apparently the year of 2012 was a remarkable year in term of technology. The launch of iPhone 5 and iPad mini, foldable displays from various firms, bigger and bigger screens from Samsung galaxy series…etc. all these point to the advance of mobile technology in 2013. Albeit apple and Samsung once again become the two bestsellers in mobile phones, there is a rising trend of sales from Chinese manufacturer like ZTE and Huawei.

Apple undertakes the second place throughout the year while Samsung remains at the top. However, in the midst of many kinds of devices Samsung provides, Apple takes the second place with only one model of phone – iPhone. With single available choice compared with the majority accumulates by numerous models from Samsung, we see that apple is still doing their good job to trap their customers.

Taking on the windows phone route, it seems that Nokia might have made the right choice for remaining at the top five . It’s LUMIA series almost prevented it from being defeated from top 5. However, it seems there’s still long way to go for Nokia to struggle and muddle through the sales figures in the coming years because it is hard to teacher if not make people buy the idea of a windows phone. Speaking of windows phone, its backtracking OS could still harm its sales growth in the future.

Sony did a great job in the middle of the year by releasing and facelifting a number of Xperia series while removing Ericsson from its logo. However, it appears to be unsustainable because their quality control and variety of phones still cannot meet customers’ expectation. Could the upcoming rumored 6.44-inch device be a game changer in the market? Or would that huge size phone be a turn-off in the future?

LG hasn’t been doing that great either compared with its local competitor Samsung. The lack of consumer-oriented design seems to have aggravated their problem. I have reviewed the products of LG in 2012 and sadly find nothing really as interesting and competitive as the Samsung galaxy S III, Samsung’s signature product of 2012 other than Samsung galaxy note 2.

The rise of Chinese manufacturers in the competitive ground is surprising. ZTE and huawei did very well both locally and internationally.





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