HTC Includes Second Phone With New Large Phones

HTC Includes Second Phone With New Large Phones



I guess I’m not alone when I say that phones are possibly getting a bit too big. HTC seems to agree, or at least some of their customers do.

The Taiwanese phone manufacturer has now began to bundle a small phone, called the HTC Mini, inside packages with their new HTC Butterfly. This phone is a bluetooth enabled feature phone that links to the larger Butterfly and performs basic actions, like answering calls. The whole purpose of the device is to act as a more manageable device for taking calls or reading messages while doing daily tasks. They are, in a sense, admitting that the Butterfly is too big.

I had a chance to play with the US equivalent, the Droid DNA, a while ago when it first launched. While it has the same dimensions as the international Butterfly, it does not come with the mini included (or even available for that matter). I guess they figured the US market likes bigger phones and doesn’t mind the lack of inclusion.

The Mini is actually kind of a neat device. It can display the majority of notifications in the stock applications and of course take calls with it. It has nifty remote features for controlling video, audio, and slideshow playback when the phone is out of reach. It even has more creative features included, like the ability to control the camera shutter as well as locate the main Butterfly phone if lost.

It truly is a very cool accessory, and the inclusion should be noted as a selling point of the phone itself. However, it’s goal is to put a bandaid on the existing problem – the phone is JUST TOO BIG for most people. Instead of including this, make the phone smaller. Another more logical option – include a simple bluetooth headset.

I will admit, this is the first thing I thought of when I saw posts about this:


The Mini will be bundled in Asian versions of the phone, and NOT the Droid DNA.

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