Google Fiber Rumored To Launch In More Cities SOON

Google Fiber Rumored To Launch In More Cities SOON



Google’s fiber optic internet service is without a doubt the fastest available internet service in the United States. Promising near GIGABIT connection speeds for paying customers and 5Mb/s connection for FREE customers, It truly is the only service provider anybody in their right mind would consider getting.

Oh wait. That’s right. It’s only available in one city in the entire US. Sorry rest of the nation.

The service was launched last summer in Kansas City as a beta test. The company claimed that it would be trying out the service and providing a limited run in Kansas, but would branch out after if the experiment was successful.

While things have mostly gone quiet, everybody has been hoping in the back of their minds that the service would branch out. The time might be close now. CEO Larry Page has stated that the service has been a great success, and CFO Patrick Pichette says that the service is not just another hobby for the company and they are continuing to look at the possibility of expansion.

Whether this is just PR coverage, or alluding to real plans in the making, remains to be seen. I can honestly say I’m not alone with wishing that they would hurry up. The United States currently ranks 9th in a survey of internet speeds worldwide. It would be amazing to see that ranking get boosted, and I think Google holds the key to this in their hand.

Source: BGR
ata Source: UberGizmo

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