Amazon Cloud Drive Newest Member Of Instant Upload Club

Amazon Cloud Drive Newest Member Of Instant Upload Club

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Amazon has announced an update to their cloud storage application that debuts a very popular feature – INSTANT UPLOADS.

Google was first to the table with this back in 2011 with the launch of Google+. The Android application could automatically upload every photo taken to a users Google+ in a private album for viewing later. It was an incredibly popular feature because if you ever lost a phone or broke a phone, you would not have to worry about losing all of your cherished memories. In addition, you would no longer have to deal with the lengthy upload process later when you wanted to share all of those pictures on Google+. The images were uploaded in the background and ready for you when you got access to a regular computer.

The popularity of this feature cause Dropbox to implement it next, followed by Facebook towards the end of last year. Now, Amazon has added the feature. Their cloud application also comes with a standalone camera app, as well as a matching service to make sure you don’t accidentally have the same photo uploaded twice.

This service differs from the previous three, because your upload space is LIMITED to the 5GB you are given with the service (or however much you pay for). Facebook and Google+ have unlimited storage for photos uploaded to their service, and Dropbox gives you additional space for every X number of photos you upload.

Even with this fairly large con, the service is great for people who already work with the Amazon ecosystem. Kindle users will find this service perhaps a bit more integrated with their existing content. Then again, Dropbox and Facebook apps are available on Kindle tablet devices without the restrictions stated above. Either way, free storage and instant uploads is a good thing.

The new feature is currently only available on Google Android and Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

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