Vine – an instagram-like short video sharing social network

Vine – an instagram-like short video sharing social network



Twitter’s latest innovation – Vine – Lets you share short clips from your life. Vine makes taking a video like taking a picture and 6 seconds is really a golden length for short clips to be instantly uploaded to the social network and let people follow or comment on it.

With only a few shots not more than 6 seconds, your video will be uploaded like a GIF image and be viewed by your friends. As an audience, you can also flip through the posts easily like instagram. When you hook on a single “video” post the short film will play itself and it doesn’t require you to click the arrow or stuff to start playing.


This is the landing page of Vine – the video sharing network by Twitter.

Vine is now available on App Store and It’s free fordownload. After downloading and opening it, the Vine will prompt you to sign up with your twitter account, if you don’t have one, you can sign up with an email alternatively.


This is the newsfeed page of Vine. Where you can view videos instantly by just scrolling down.


If you find something interesting when you click the video button on the top-right, just tap your finger on the camera screen and you video will be recorded. The Vine will require you to stop every few seconds and you just follow it through before everything is done.20130126-225646.jpg

The Sharing page of the Vine

After recording the video, simply write a description about things you took and then press share and your video will be up on the Vine newsfeed.




As there have always been attempt to make an instagram-like sharing platform for videos, Twitter made its way out and the “less than 6 seconds” rule is really a good policy for users. It makes the whole platform efficient and sets out a unique way of sending videos out to various parties just like twitter, everything is so quick. It is really a nice try from Twitter and I appreciate it. Too bad it is only on iOS right now. Android users might need to wait for their release.

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