New Apple iPad 5 Rumored To Launch In October

New Apple iPad 5 Rumored To Launch In October



It looks like Apple will be returning to a yearly release cycle for it’s hugely popular tablet, with rumors emerging that the new iteration will launch this October instead of the typical spring release.

If you remember, Apple really threw the industry off last November when they released an updated iPad 4 at their iPad Mini launch event. The 4th iPad was being released a mere 6 months after the third one. Needless to say, a lot of people were upset.

Apple now appears to have simply adjusted their release cycle. Many were worried that the Cupertino giant would launch the newest iPad and return to the previous cycle, meaning there would only be 4 months between the 4th and 5th versions. Those worries can hopefully be put to rest now.

There are many rumors surrounding this anticipated launch event. Regarding the iPad, it will have a new design similar to the iPad Mini. As usual, the tablet will also come with an updated screen and updated internal specifications.

Other rumors point to a cheaper iPhone 5s with a plastic frame, and possibly a newer camera implementation, as well as a smaller “iPad Nano” which would be sporting around a 5 inch screen.

These rumors, if true, all cause one huge realization – Apple is actively and aggressively fighting the android onslaught. Whereas in the past the were the leaders in the market taking cues from themselves, they are now pouring resources in to fighting competitors. It’s funny how things change so quickly.

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