Apple iMessage Popularity Nearing WhatsApp’s

Apple iMessage Popularity Nearing WhatsApp’s


Apple’s earnings call last week gave some very interesting information regarding the adoption and usage of their ecosystem based messaging client. Daily usage has increased by a mind numbing 100% over last year.

The call revealed that the iMessage client is responsible for 2 billion sent messages a day with a cumulative total of 450 billion messages sent. This is a fantastic increase over last years figures of 1 billion daily messages and 150 billion cumulative messages.

WhatsApp, the biggest competitor to iMessage, is still far ahead though. Their figures are at 11 billion messages per day as of December of last year. Their yearly increase for 2012 was coming from a 2011 total of 6 billion messages per day. While this may seem like WhatsApp is way ahead of iMessage, one should be reminded that appearances can be deceiving.

iMessage is only available on Apple devices. Only the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX Mountain Lion. To contrast, WhatsApp is a cross platform masterpiece and available on hundreds of devices, from iPhones to any Android Device, Blackberry, Symbian AND Windows Phone. It covers a near complete majority of the mobile market (excluding iPads due to Apple restrictions). Even as such, if iMessage use continues to accelerate at this pace, it will be caught up in no time. 100% growth versus around 80% growth this year. Do the math.

Then again, the lack of cross platform solutions may be Apple’s undoing with iMessage. People can take the same WhatsApp contacts with them and communicate on almost any modern platform. They can freely buy cheaper or newer devices without fear of losing touch with people who matter to them.

Whatever the case, Apple and iMessage should definitely be saluted for their outstanding growth this year. Carriers are the only ones losing from this growth.

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