Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photos Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Photos Leaked


Rumors have been circulating the web recently regarding a middle sized tablet being added to the very popular Galaxy Note lineup. Leaked pictures seem to confirm the production of such a device.

The original Galaxy Note device became extremely popular for merging the functions of a phone with the size of a small tablet. This device proved great for business people on the go. Samsung followed the original note up with the Galaxy Note II, which made the device thinner and more sleek, while also adding innovative features like the S-Pen and split screen.

With the popularity of this device, Samsung decided to re brand their entire tablet line to fall in to the Galaxy Note category. They released the Note 10.1, which was a 10.1 inch tablet which include much of the functionality that made the original Note devices so popular.

The recent leaked pictures show a mid sized tablet, approximately 7 or 8 inches, that is modeled closely after the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III devices. It features the iconic Galaxy S home button and two capacitive buttons, one for back and one for menu. The device also includes a silver band around the body of the device, the styling of which is very similar to the Galaxy S III.

The app shown on screen is full screen, and no status bars are shown, which is suspicious. Also, there’s no sign of the S-Pen, which has been a major selling point for the Galaxy Note devices. However, many different angles are shown of the device which makes this leak plausible. Expect to hear more about this device in the coming weeks.


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