New iPhone 6 Rumors Surface

New iPhone 6 Rumors Surface


New rumors are hitting the web today pointing at a newly designed iPhone by Apple for the upcoming year. Apparently a new, lower priced option is being produced by the Cupertino giant to compete with lower priced Android and Windows phone options. The new phone option may or may not launch alongside a flagship, full featured iPhone 6

The new, cheaper iPhone will supposedly employ cheaper materials such as plastic to drop costs. Additionally, the plastic might be a see through variety that would expose device components to the viewer. This is a major departure from the iconic glass and aluminum designs that Apple has used for all previous generations of iPhone, as well as many of their other products.

This push to a cheaper, more economical option shows signs that Apple may be feeling the pressure from the world wide Android dominance. For a company that prides itself on it’s industrial design, a return to the past with the use of plastic may not necessarily be a good thing. It remains to be seen how customers will react to such a drastic change.

The new iPhone is still only just a rumor, but there are sources claiming that it may be launched in the second half of this year.

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