Google’s secret weapon “X-Phone” to be sold at US$299 in May 2013?

Google’s secret weapon “X-Phone” to be sold at US$299 in May 2013?


After the news of Google buying out Motorola, the so-called X-Phone is yet highly expected to debut at the Google I/O event in May 2013. Price of the X Phone is also rumored to be $299 with contracts.

The iPhone Killer, X-Phone is rumored to have a quad-core processor, 2-GB RAM, 5-inch full HD display and a 13 mega pixel camera. The phone design will be much similar to the DROID RAZR M and bundled with the latest Android 5.0 system named Key Lime Pie. Like the Nexus series, the Android 5.0 system will have a unique user interface without any Motorola ingredients. Besides being sold at carriers nationwide like verizon, Google also offer their X-Phones on the Android Google Play Store.

What are some early thoughts in Hong Kong?

Google’s secret weapon after buying Motorola is kind of expected to be a game changer in the cell phone industry. At least it is not a war over the screen size but a battle between hardware and the operating system. However, the major failure in the sales of Nexus 4 in Hong Kong is that there’s no good sales authority in Hong Kong offering the same price as shown in other countries. The Nexus 4 was sold at extremely high price, around $300 USD more than the original price in the US. That was disappointing because potentials customers were looking for affordable options that can at least be equivalent to iPhone 5. But the price of Nexus 4 in Hong Kong really deters people from buying it. Google should learn a lesson from it too.

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