Google Motorola Nexus Phone Could Be Indestructible?

Google Motorola Nexus Phone Could Be Indestructible?

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Some statements made by Google CEO, Larry Page, are making quite a stir around the mobile community.

Since Google purchased Motorola Mobility in November of 2011, the world has been wondering when we would see a Motorola made Nexus device. That wish may be close to being granted.

In December, rumors began circulating that Google engineers were working with Motorola on a secret “X Phone” project, which would “be designed to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S III and the new iPhone”. These rumors became a little clearer this week with Google’s quarterly earnings call. In the call, Larry Page was quoted as saying:

“In today’s multi screen world, the opportunities are endless… battery life is a huge issue… when you drop your phone it shouldn’t go splat. There’s a real potential to invent new and better experiences.”

Analysts may have read too far in to this seemingly simple statement, but it could imply that Google has some tricks up it’s sleeve for the coming quarter. Rumors have already stated that the plans for the phone include a high quality, extremely durable body, a massive battery, and a flexible OLED screen which would be nearly unbreakable.

It wouldn’t be a surprise either. Samsung has by far been the most profitable Android device manufacturer while Google’s investment in Motorola seems to have come up dry. Other reports say Samsung is weary with Android and has the potential to move on to other operating systems and search providers. If this is the case, it makes sense for Google to plan a heavy counter attack on their partner turned biggest competitor.

More is expected to be revealed at Mobile World Congress next month and Google I/O in May.

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