Samsung Galaxy S IV Pictures Leaked!

Samsung Galaxy S IV Pictures Leaked!


On the right, you have the widely popular Galaxy S III smartphone, which became the worlds top seller in November , and as of January had sold over 40 MILLION units worldwide! On the left, you possibly have the successor to that massively successful phone. Ladies and gentlemen, you may be looking at the first images of the Galaxy S IV.

There have been rumors about this phone for the past few weeks, saying things like it will have an 8 core processor and a 5 inch 1080P display. Everything from Samsung has been pretty exciting, and now we have a face to match the description to.

If these renders are correct, the new phone will show a return to a more square like chassis rather than the rounded pebble shape which debuted with the SIII. The iconic Galaxy S home button is also present as well, which is kind of a bummer. More and more phones are embracing the Android 4.0+ design language and including dynamic software buttons instead of antiquated hardware keys. However this image contrasts an earlier leak, which depicted the new SIV as not having any hardware buttons


If the rumors hold true and the phone launches with the rumored specifications, it won’t really matter if it has hardware buttons or not. The phone will be a huge hit. There are rumors of a 13MPX camera, an 8 core processor, a bigger battery and a ton of storage to go along with it.

The phone will possibly be announced at Mobile World Congress, and rumors say it should ship in April. The next few months can’t come quick enough.

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