Nokia Planning 41MPX Camera Windows Phone?

Nokia Planning 41MPX Camera Windows Phone?


In June of 2012, Nokia released the 808 PureView. This phone was revolutionary with a gigantic 41 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the phone suffered from a number of usability defects that made it fail in the consumer market. Not even this innovative high quality camera could outshine large size, out of date Symbian operating system, and terribly awful low resolution screen. Now, things might be about to change.

When Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft to start making Windows Phones, everyone was wondering when they would see this 41 mpx monster on a Lumia branded device. The 800, 900, and 920 came and went with no news. Many were sporting Carl Zeiss produced camera but none with the amazing camera seen in the past.

New rumors given to The Verge suggest that a new phone, codenamed EOS, is being produced by Nokia and will include a 41 MPX sensor upon launch. This phone is looking to be the flagship Lumia device for 2013. The rumors state that it will launch on AT&T in the United States later this year sporting a new aluminum body, which has not been seen on Nokia devices thus far. Other rumors seem to imply that Nokia is also making Windows RT tablets, which may or may not also include this 41MPX PureView sensor.

Even on Symbian, this camera left all other competitors in the dust. What do you think? Are you ready to see 41MPX Instagram photos? I’m excited for the opportunity to finally leave my old point and shoot at home because I can take mind blowing pictures with my phone’s camera.

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