More Nexus 7 sold than iPad Mini in Japan in Christmas 2012

More Nexus 7 sold than iPad Mini in Japan in Christmas 2012

iPad mini was released aiming at the smaller tablet market. Before that, iPad almost dominated the tablet market. However, with the release of Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, the market changed a lot last year. The sales figure of Nexus 7 even surpassed iPad mini in Japan.

A survey was conducted with 2,400 electronics retail stores throughout Japan, suggesting that the sales of Nexus 7 reached 44% in terms of tablets sales, while iPad mini combined with iPad only took about 40%. Of the many reasons why iPad mini sales could not win the match with Nexus 7, price would be the most crucial factor. Nexus 7 was priced at $199 and iPad mini was $329, no doubt that means the demand could be higher because the price of Nexus 7 is more affordable than iPad mini.

The story doesn’t end here, despite the difference of the two Operating Systems, there are actually more people buying tablets, bringing the change to the current sales figure. Nonetheless, iPad has also been experiencing a surge in sales but its stock hasn’t improved accordingly especially iPad mini. Therefore, it is not surprising to see Nexus 7 overtakes iPad mini, but the domination of iPad in tablet industry is still obvious.

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