Snapchat: Secret Agent Communicator?

Snapchat: Secret Agent Communicator?

Recently my friends turned me on to a new chat application called “Snapchat”. Like many other chat applications out there, This application lets the user send photos from their phone instantly. The difference here is the restrictions the application puts on viewing.

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Once an image is sent, it can only be viewed a certain amount of time (3 – 10 seconds) before it is automatically deleted and no longer accessible by any party. The app will even go as far as to warn the sender if the receiver tries to screencap the image so they have access to it at a later date. The images sent can be doodled on with a pen tool and you can save your own images for later viewing.

On first use, the functionality reminded me of how secret agents communicated in old TV shows. They would be given their assignments on paper, which would automatically self destruct after being read. Needless to say I felt like I was in 007 while sending my friends messages and receiving theirs…Except instead of top secret missions, it was a picture of one of us doing a duckface or a silly pose.

It’s a neat concept, but I really can’t see the use for this. Other chat apps allow you to send pictures as well and you are able to archive those pictures for later viewing. The main use I can see for this is sending pictures that might be incriminating. I won’t go in to what those purposes are, but you can use your imagination and probably figure it out.

Snapchat is available as a free download for iOS and Android.


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