HTC M7 Renders – Fact or Fiction?

HTC M7 Renders – Fact or Fiction?

Recently, rumors began circulating about HTC’s new flagship Android phone called the M7. The M7 is supposedly going to have an outrageous 4.7 inch SoLux display running at 468ppi . The phone will supposedly be powered by a 1.7ghz quad core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of ram, and 32GB of storage. It will also be sporting a brand new mind blowing 13mpx camera and LTE / HSPA+. Combine those specs with HTC’s industrial design and you just made a nerd’s dream come true phone.

Naturally, you could imagine my glee when I opened Google Reader today and saw that PocketNow had “Leaked Renders” of the new powerhouse. I immediately checked them out and while it looked great, something just wasn’t quite right with it. Something smelled fishy. My suspicions were confirmed when Android Police released an article poking holes in the renders. Unfortunately I’m going to have to side with Android Police. I think these are a Hoax.

Fake or no, I can rest assured that the M7 will be amazing. If they can somehow combine the design of the HTC Windows Phone 8X with Android’s openness and ecosystem and lose the physical buttons, Android fans will come flocking to the new device. Include a way to unlock the bootloader and you have the hobbyist market as well.

The phone is planned to be unveiled at MWC, so I’ll be anxiously awaiting the conference. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I had a time machine!

Edit – 7:48pm PST

All of a sudden actual pictures and screenshots have been leaked. Android Police has gotten their hands on real pictures from an unknown source close to the issue. The pictures uphold some of the leaked information while showing some aspects to be different.

Most surprising to me was the fact that the phone seems to have abandoned the iconic HTC styling of the past in favor of a more Windows Phone like vector based feel. It’s a shame, I was quite partial to that styling. I’m not a huge fan of vector based graphics compared to high res ones. It seems a bit boring and lacks flair.

Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that with the exception of a few small details, the phone looks very similar to the one shown earlier and accused of being a fake.

Regardless, the pictures are posted over at Android Police. Check them out for yourself. Do you think these are fake as well, or real prototypes in action?

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  • Kiran Chand

    I am eager to unlock my HTC M7 can someone recommend me a good provider? I found any suggestion about them?