Temple Run 2 on iOS review

Temple Run 2 on iOS review

Temple run has a second generation now – temple run 2. It is a more advanced action game on mobile devices – now available on App Store for iPhone and iPad, optimized for iPhone 5 screen.


Better graphics:
The temple run 2 undeniably has better graphics and detailed pictures. Judging from the main character – Guy Dangerous, his clothes seems more detailed with some dust on it. His running motion are more lively because clearly there are more FPS in his movement. The monster chasing behind the main character also has improved graphics – of course you don’t want to see him that often because that means you are not really playing very well to avoid minor obstacles.


Exciting game experience:
Jumping over obstacles, sliding under the fire and rocks, you can also play with other scenarios now. There are more obstacles such as claws on a wheel, more frequently narrow roads… Etc. you can also jump and hook on a rope and travel on it while collecting coins. In addition, you can tilt the mine trolleys to avoid dead end and one sided railway.

You can also tap twice on the screen to activate the ability of character which is unlockable by buying more characters ( 4 in total). The ability is customizable and my favorite one is speed run.

You can save your life by using gems collected or bought from the App Store. I suggest you collect incrementally because it is not really difficult to find throughout the game.

The gems can also upgrade your ability but it is consumed every time, better save it.


Duration of game:
You can play as long as you can in each game unless you fall or hit obstacles. Other than that you can actually collect lots of things to ease your way. Collect coins and gems to upgrade your character. Upgrading the magnet and the speed run to help you take more coins and skip harsh ways.


Temple run is now best seller on AppStore and its free of charge. It is without question that it will become best free game of the year soon.

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