LINE users reached 100 million

LINE users reached 100 million

Naver LINE celebrated its 100 million user downloads on 18.1.2013. This messaging app was first introduced two years ago and has widely been recognized for its cute emoji and emoticon stickers. They have also animated the stickers can successfully branded an anime on air now in Japan. LINE was established not long after WhatApp and they share similar platform for users to message and play with group chats. However, LINE has greater flexibility over WhatsApp because it keeps innovating side products such as games and its social media. One basic advantage over WhatsApp is clearly that LINE has a voicecall function that features a VOIP service like Tango and Viber.

Given its rising popularity, LINE also incorporated a bunch of famous apps like Zoo Keeper to their branch and attract more downloads and users to LINE.

Developing these games (LINE Pop, LINE Bubble, Zoo Keeper) into a social game closely linked to its messaging app, LINE also launches a lot of utility apps like LINE brush where you can draw pictures. There are also LINE Cards, LINE Tools for you to send greetings and measure some simple objects with their ruler inside the app.

Creativity is what drives LINE to this success, we hope that LINE will continue with their great work.


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