“Carbon” App Bridges the Device Gap

“Carbon” App Bridges the Device Gap

Famed Android developer Koushik Dutta, of ClockworkMod Recovery fame, has been working on a new application that will change how people use their devices…again.

The new app, code named “Carbon” promises to be the only backup utility any user will need. Koushik posted limited time betas on his Google+ page recently to let users test out the new device.

The app connects to a users various cloud based storage accounts or the phones SD card and backs up applications and data. Users can backup and restore applications at the press of a button. The user has a choice of either backing up the APK as well as the data, or just the data. No more losing all that Angry Birds or Temple Run progress when you get a new device.

Carbon Backup - Phone

Backing up an app on the phone

Carbon Restore

Restoring the same app on an Android Tablet

The best part of this application is that because all the backups are stored in the cloud, users can sync apps and data across devices. Most people these days have multiple devices. I want the same scores from my Temple Run game on my phone to be available on my tablet.

I tested the application out and it worked more or less perfectly. I was able to send the APK and data from my Temple Run game on my phone to my Android tablet. The game installed and booted without issues. It worked when sending the Jetpack Joyride info the other way from tablet to phone as well.

There are some minor annoyances and bugs with the app though, which is to be expected from an application in active Beta. From the track record Koushik has displayed, expect these bug and any others to be ironed out before the app hits the Play store.

In addition, devices are supposed to be able to sync if on the same Wi-Fi Network but this was not working in my copy. This COULD be because my devices are on different versions of Android or just an effect of the app being beta. Only time will tell.

If you would like to check the app out for yourself, you can grab the APK from Koushik’s page HERE, but remember this is a TIMED BETA, so there will be issues with it and the trial will end on the 25th of January. The app will be listed in the Google Play Store soon for a reasonable price. All previous apps made by Koushik have been excellent so I can honestly say right now that I think this will be a hit too.

Koushik’s other apps, such as Rom Manager, ClockworkMod Tether, DeskSMS and TabletSMS can be found on the Google Play Store.



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