Hong Kong one2free released Gamebox live game streaming platform on android.

Hong Kong one2free released Gamebox live game streaming platform on android.


One2free HK today unveils its next generation gaming platform on android devices. The Gamebox cloud platform is now available on google play store. Users can download and register for a 30-minute free trial of each game on the platform. Some of the games are very famous PC games from Capcom which include Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2, Street Fighter IV… Etc. the list of branded games is shown below:

Lost planet 2
Resident evil 5
Street fighter IV
Dark void
Devil May Cry 4

The app is only downloadable on three devices including Samsung Galxy SIII LTE 、 Galaxy Note II LTE andGalaxy Tab 8.9 LTE. It is also expected to release its iOS version for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch sooner or later.

Making the best use of the 4G LTE network in Hong Kong, CSL boasts its pioneer project on hosting a cloud based gaming platform which allow users of then to pay a monthly fee of $38 HKD for 300 in app tokens. Or $15 HKD for 100 tokens using a VAS system on the market. It has no doubt greater flexibility for users to decide how long to play and which game to buy.

Like another similar app available on iOS – onlive that allows players to access a cloud windows virtual space, the gamebox has simplified the overall user interface and let gamers choose directly the game they want to play and enter the screen swiftly.

One2free (under CSL) promises to bring more games and this platform to more available devices. And hopefully, some other titles on console games like monster hunter, resident evil 6, metal gear solid…etc.



We tried several games on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The graphics were beautifully presented with minor delays due to instability of the mobile network. There were two game brought to the test:

Street fighter IV:
The graphics were great and it also designs a very complex on screen controller. You can access the different buttons and moves quickly without making any combinations. The game is smooth and the actions look really great.

Subject to the connectivity of the mobile network, the game sometimes slow down but it definitely is a revolutionary street fighter experience on a mobile device.

Resident Evil 5:

The graphics is extraordinary and it is just like what you have on the PC venison of resident evil 5. However, one major problem with this is the controls. The controls were not quite user-friendly in which it involves too many variations. Tilting the phone to aim is really a pain in the ass because when you tilt you never know how much you should do and what angle is the perfect angle. It is also difficult for users to look around and control their visions. The controls are a bit too complicated for a device with only few buttons to accomplish difficult game objectives. Also the game seems to overload the device since its too big size and it has poor response to the controls.






In a nutshell, its a great idea for a cellular network provider to launch a cloud gaming service for their subscribers. Utilizing the high speed of 4G LTE it brings mobile gaming to another sphere of technology. However, like I said before, it still can’t take over console gaming yet due to the limitation of network connectivity and the controls. It certainly feels better to play on console at the moment but no one knows about the future when the popularity of mobile gaming has been climbing to reach console games. Still, what I think important is the gaming experience, it has improved a bit but not enough.

By the way, this gives me higher expectation from Playstation or Xbox 360 in launching similar platforms. Especially for PS Vita, the question lies on whether Sony and game manufacturers can make the most use of it and stream games from ps3 to ps vita for greater mobility.

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