Shin-sankogu musou slash released but taken out on iOS App Store (update: not pulled but limit to Japan App Store)

Shin-sankogu musou slash released but taken out on iOS App Store (update: not pulled but limit to Japan App Store)


Tecmo Koei entertainment has released a social game under the shin-sankogu musou (真。三國無双)called shin-sankogu musou slash on iOS App Store. It immediately became the best seller on top purchase due to the strong fan base in its franchise on console games.

Similar to the console games, the “slash” features Heros and heroines in the three kingdom times of Chinese history. Players can customize their character at the beginning of the game and earn weapons and costumes through playing. The “slash” is also a network based game in which players will join the games of other players and co-op to complete the mission objectives. However, the users rating displays a very negative feedback towards this game with great expectation.

The controls of the game are quite creative in which players hover around and attack by certain finger gestures on the screen.

Players collect experience and weapons to strengthen their character.

It was condemned that the launch screen took so long and stuck at the “now loading” screen because connection becomes time out for some other reasons. It became “off-shelf” after the wide spread complaints to the game.

However, this game is only available in Japanese at the moment. English version would be expected later.

While we are still waiting this game to be available on App Store again, My personal views on the “slash” would be doubtful. The sustainability of this game is not quite high because it can’t reach the standard of the other titles on the shin-sangoku musou franchise. The gaming experience on iOS devices aren’t really great compared to other portable devices for example ps-vita. The graphic designs are quite backward. The controls are much better on console games, which reflect the problem – same game, different experience on mobile or console devices. Console games are still better than the handheld devices.





Update: the game is not pulled but found to be available only in Japan. It seems tecmo Koei pressed the wrong button and made this game available outside Japanese store for a while and retrieve it. Unless you have a Japanese App Store account, you won’t be able to find it in your local App Store.


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