Mophie juice pack powerstation external battery 4000 on iPhone 5 review

Mophie juice pack powerstation external battery 4000 on iPhone 5 review



The mophie Juice Pack Powerstation External Battery for iPhone, iPod and iPad includes a special high-output battery the provides ultra-fast charging. It charges at up to four times the current offered by traditional 500 mAh batteries. The Powerstation can also switch between a 500 mAh charge (typical), a 1A charge and 2.1A; which is great for iPad.

Sustainable, stylish design

Thanks to Powerstation’s improved conversion efficiency, more power actually makes it to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. In addition, the finish and metal band nicely compliment the design of your iPhone.

Invisible LEDs

The six-LED status indicator lights let you see charging progress at a glance; then they disappear when not in use.


Advanced battery cell delivers fast charging system
Can switch among 500mAh, 1A and 2.1A charges
Sustainable design gets more power to your iPhone, iPod or iPad
Ultra-compact design makes it easy carry
Stylish soft-touch or glossy exterior with metal side design

Six-light “invisible” LED status indicator
Large 4000mAh battery for plenty of power
5% of the net profits from the (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition will be contributed to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS.

Via apple store


The goods – this juice pack is really a handy item which you can actually feel it in your hands. The design of the juice pack is pretty much like an iPhone 4 shape and the slimness and light weight of it gains a lot of credits.

It’s 4000 mAh power storage and 2A electric output is certainly a merit. I charged my iPhone 5 from 10% to full battery level only using it for roughly 1 hour. It’s efficiency is proved to help a lot of users who want quick charge to their devices.

Seldom do these devices work with latest model of iPhones or iPads. The mophie juice pack does work with Apple’s latest product – iPhone 5 and iPad mini with lightning cables.

The bad – compared to similar devices on the market, its price is too expensive. You can actually get a similar storage juice pack at $20 USD.

However, to a daily user and battery drainer (eater) like me, I think quality is more important.


At the moment mophie is still working on their juicepack case which they were famous for. If you are still thinking about which one to buy and if you can wait, please check out their latest news to see their new products.

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