Samsung Galaxy Grand released

Samsung Galaxy Grand released


A Pre Galaxy S IV model of smartphone has recently been announced by Samsung. This is a five inch model which features a 1.2 GHz processor. It’s camera specification are pretty much the same as GS3 with a 200 mega pixel front camera and 800 mega pixel rear camera.

Galaxy grand will be available in two versions: single SIM and dual SIM. Dual SIM version can target a lucrative market in mainland china In which the demand for a dual sim enabled device is very high. Dual SIM means It is possible to receive calls on one SIM number while taking a call from the other, ensuring efficient management of personal and work commitments without ever missing a call. Dual SIM also offers the flexibility of selecting different billing plans for either SIM, switching between them to make the most of cheaper call and data plans.

Exclusive features are also announced together with this device:

1. Direct Call: enables users to automatically dial a call by raising the device up to the ear; while users can also shake the phone to trigger status updates, or pan it to zoom into a screen.

2. Smart Alert: shows missed events such as missed calls and new messages just by picking up the phone.

3. Popup Video: lets users watch video in a pop-up window anywhere on the screen while running other tasks

4. S Voice: lets you control the phone using your voice

5. AllShare Play: lets you share content across Samsung devices using a single account.

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