iPhone 5 – the best electronics product in 2012

TIME magazine elects the best product in different categories every year. Of course electronics is included in this yearly report of the magazine. So what is the best electronic product in the year of 2012? The answer is – iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 defeats Samsung Galaxy S III

The reason why TIME chose iPhone 5 as the best product of 2012 is because iPhone 5 is up to now the phone with best artistic design. A bigger retina display is placed on a slimmer console with outstanding iSight camera makes the iPhone 5 almost perfect.

TIME says despite strong rivals on the market like Samsung galaxy SIII, google nexus, apple still wins the match in terms of hardware, software and service.

This is the second time that iPhone wins this honor. The first time was when the original iPhone (iPhone 2G) was introduced in 2007.

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