YouTube app optimized for iPhone 5 screen – supports airplay

YouTube app optimized for iPhone 5 screen – supports airplay

YouTube has updated on 4.12.2012 with its latest application on App Store that adds support for the 4 inch iPhone 5 screen and iPad mini.

After face lifting the gmail, google has yet updated its YouTube application for iOS 6 and optimized to fit the iPhone 5 screen. This is expected but why we think it is unexpected that is the application also adds feature for those who own Apple TV where they can actually use airplay to project and synchronize the YouTube playback on your TV.

Here is a preview of the YouTube app after update on iPhone 5



To use the airplay on YouTube streaming: press twice on the home button and enter the multitask bar -> swipe twice to the left and then you will find the air play icon -> select Apple TV and there you go!

There are other features coming with this update which include the ability to add or remove videos from your assigned playlist, to click links in description of video. The new app also has better accessibility with VoiceOver.


Now the YouTube app can play full screen on iPhone 5 without the gaps

Besides, YouTube is also supporting iPad mini. Take a look at the preview below:


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