LINE vs Whatsapp Results (late-2012): LINE wins again.

LINE vs Whatsapp Results (late-2012): LINE wins again.

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Our poll last year has gathered 900 respondents worldwide and here is what we’ve got. People like LINE more than Whatsapp. Admittedly, LINE has done a great job to do more than just messaging but creating another social media platform for mobile users. Naver LINE has released a series of games, facebook timeline- like personal homepages. Basically, LINE has more functions than Whatsapp because it has a built in VOIP service where you can actually make call from the contacts you have added. I personally like this function a lot because it is very convenient and honestly it is even more stable than using Skype sometimes. Although Whatsapp is good because people believe it is a simpler software, some of the users want something interesting in this ever-changing application development field. Whatsapp really need to think deep otherwise without innovation its popularity will drop and soon be bought out by other companies, like what has been rumored that facebook is considering buying Whatsapp.


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