Hong Kong Apple Online Store starts selling iPhone 5 today (4.12.2012)

Hong Kong Apple Online Store has officially started selling the long-waited iPhone 5 amid the daily lucky draws. Apple Hong Kong claimed that iPhone 5 has long been short in supply so this is why they do not sell it on the online store. iPhone 5 sold on the Apple Online store is unlocked and that’s why it attracts overseas buyers. As mainland China starts selling iPhone 5 this month, the demand in Hong Kong grey market has dramatically fallen. Apple is also releasing the lucky draw quota from 2 to 10 units.

At this moment it seems Apple still has a large amount of iPhone stock because it still can be shipped within 2-3 weeks upon receiving your order. It is quite peculiar to me that usually iPhones will be sold out few minutes after they open the store. But this time I think they have been well prepared for the holiday and gift season in December to cater for the large consumer market in Hong Kong.


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