Third party lightning cable not for synchronization.

Some electronics accessories shop now offers lower price option of third party lightning cable. It ranges from $10-$40 HKD (1.99 USD). Compared to the official lightning cable sold on apple store, these cables are much more cheaper in a way that you can buy a lot of them and apply them economically to your office, car charger or your juice packs…etc.

However, some initial tests found that these third party lightning cables are missing chipsets inside. Therefore, aside charging it cannot do anything. People tried plugging in these cables to PC and found the cable not working with iTunes, although it charges.

Please be advised that it seems today the third party manufacturers’ technology have not yet met the apple standard. The quality and specification of these third party cables might not meet the apple requirement. Extra caution need to be paid because charging with unqualified cables would bring harm to your battery. To play safe, you better get it from apple.

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