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10 tips to save battery on your iPhone 5

10 tips to save battery on your iPhone 5

iPhone 5 comes with a faster processor and larger screen without much change on the battery from iPhone 4S. Therefore, it is widely understood that the iPhone 5 is not capable of holding more than 8 hours of battery lifetime. Here are some practical ways of saving battery:

1. Turn Siri off

Although Siri is one of the awesome feature that comes with iPhone 5, it causes your battery level because it has to communicate with apple servers to get feedback for you. Turning off Siri can help you avoid unnecessary communication with apple sever causing your data and battery if Siri is accidentally triggered in your bag. Simply go to settings > general > Siri > turn it off

2. Manually turn on 4G LTE

As we wrote about the battery issues regarding the signal problem. 4G LTE I one of the battery killers because the coverage of 4G LTE is not comprehensive in most region. You iPhone 5 will switch between 3G and LTE because it has to get the best signal. In this process, extra battery will be used to search LTE signal when you are moving around. Therefore, turning the LTE off can help you save battery because it can disable to automatic search.

Go to settings> general > cellular > turn LTE off

3. Turn off notifications

Notification means the background processing that keeps receiving push notification from the apps. However, keep checking background push notification would cause you much of battery because it has to load things. Apps like Facebook keeps refreshing for you in the background. You can turn this off by switching them to manual mode. Find out some apps not frequently used and not demanding for latest info to save more battery.

Go to settings > notification > switch to manual

4. Turn off location services

If you feel like you don’t need to use the maps or locations (check in) that often, you can opt for disabling location service on certain apps.

Go to settings> privacy> location> turn the apps’ locations service off

5. Adjust brightness

It is commonly known that the screen brightness will drain your battery. Therefore, if you are not in bright sun, you can lower the screen brightness both for battery saving and the health of your eyes.

Go to settings > brightness and wallpaper

6. Turn off the synchronization of date and time.

If you do not travel that often, you might not need to be most up to date of the time because the system clock of iPhone 5 is very reliable. Let’s turn off the automatic update!

Go to settings> general > date& time> turn of automatic update

7. Turn of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Understood, if you don’t turn off wifi and Bluetooth while you are out of coverage and on the ride, your iPhone will keep searching nearby networks to maintain Internet connection, which I really wasting battery.

Turn these all off in the first page of settings

8. Disable iCloud synchronization
If you only use your iTunes on PC or Mac, you can disable iCloud because It will also update automatically your calendar, mails…etc when you open them.


To turn it off, go to settings> iCloud> turn the designated apps off

9. Turn off push mail


Like why I said in the notification part, fetching new data is a background operation which will cause you mug battery. Turn it off If you don’t need it.

Go to settings> mail,contacts, calendar > fetch new data> turn it off

10. Turning off equalizer


Turning off equalizer if you don’t need it can save much battery when you are doing audio playback.

Go to settings> music > EQ > turn it off

These 10 ways are very common system setting side battery saving tips. However, all from the above require limiting the functionality of your iPhone 5 which has no battery improvement at all. We sincerely hope that apple can develop or put in a better and longlasting battery in their devices despite its beautiful slim shape.

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