iPad or iPad Mini?

iPad or iPad Mini?

I know what most people are thinking right now. Should I get a iPad 4th Generation or iPad Mini ? Should I upgrade my iPad 1st/2nd/3rd Generation iPad to iPad 4th Generation or iPad Mini?

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If you do not own any iPad , I would suggest you go for the iPad 4th Generation rather than iPad Mini as it only cost US$170 more. With just US$170 , you can get a new much more powerful processor the A6X chip which is 2x faster than A5X chip and I suppose is 3-4x faster than A5 that is in iPad Mini.

You will also get iPad 9.7 inch display which measured 2048 by 1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch than iPad Mini 7.9 inch display which measured 1024 by 768 resolution at 163 pixels by inch.
Last but not least , iPad 4th Generation have Retina display!

If you own an iPad 3rd Generation, I know how you feel when iPad 4th Generation announced as I am one of the owner with iPad 3rd Generation.
I would suggest you NOT to change your iPad 3rd Generation to iPad Mini or iPad 4th Generation.
If you change to iPad Mini, you are actually downgrading your tablet.As you will be getting 7.9 inch display , A5 Chip which A5X chip is 2x faster than A5 and even you sell your iPad , the price is not so good ever since Apple announced iPad 4th Generation.
If you change to iPad 4th Generation ,most likely you are selling your iPad 3rd Generation that you used at most 7 months and you gonna pay a few hundred more just to get a almost same device but with expand LTE , A6X chip and lightning connector. Not to forget that Apple might refresh the iPad again in March.

Whatever it is, the decision is still yours whether to buy or upgrade it so you can have the latest technology.

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