iPhone 5 battery review: it meets the target of 8 hours.

iPhone 5 battery review: it meets the target of 8 hours.


I have been using my iPhone 5 for this test and this time I will be using my iPhone 5 on 3G to test it’s battery performance to see if it matches with what Phil said on the announcement. The result was positive. From the pic I screen captured above, it is around 7 hours of use and mainly I was using my iPhone 5 to surf the web and typing my WordPress posts. I will regard this as semi-continuous Internet activity plus I was also whatsapping and chatting on iMessage.

In between travelled quite a long journey around Hong Kong and the signal fluctuated, in which i think my iphone 5 spent quite a lot of time finding networks and wifi hotspots and decreased the battery level. The battery performance pledge set by apple in the press event on iPhone 5 last time was 8 hours. It seems to me apple, although 8 hours is definitely not enough for use in a whole day, it’s certainly enough for those white-collars and daily commuters.


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