iPhone 5 accessories review: let’s talk about iPhone 5 cases – switcheasy nude

In this series we are going to review on different iPhone 5 cases that you may like or come across in stores but you haven’t even touched it.

I have recently equipped my iPhone 5 with two cases – belkin and switheasy. This time we are gonna talk about the switcheasy nude. The Japanese accessory company focused very much on the use of color on their cases. The nude cases are one of the trademarks of the company. Like the nude case for iPhone 4, it features an ultra-thin plastic casing for your phone. It’s only about 1 mm, ideal for those who like to save the beautiful shape of iPhone 5 without losing the thickness of your cell. Secondly the eye-catching colors are amazing. It provides around 6 major and mainstream colors including transparent, black, white, red, pink, sky blue and light green. I got myself a white one because it world perfectly with my white iPhone 5. Not only it provides cover for your phone’s back and sides it also gives you a plastic bottom for you to plugin the lightning and earphone jack. In other words, it all-roundedly protects your phone. Lastly, it’s package includes also a front cover plus a back cover for you to protect the back aluminum shell at your iPhone 5’s back.

Some cons about it would be on the design. Understood that they want to make the shell as thin as possible, it is however left some spaces open to dust. For example, at the on/off button part, designers seem to have opened a hole for easier operation of the button. It has come to my attention that after a day of keeping my iPhone 5 in my pocket, dusts accumulate in that hole and I, ( I love to have my phone clean) have to clean it once in two days. Aside the beautiful appearance, there are still some concerns about the dust. Secondly, it failed to protect the four angles because when it drops the plastic linings onl left and right is unable to hold the phone tight therefore the angles are quite vulnerable.

There is also a video posted by other users who are using this case reviewing it. Please check this before our review videos are out. Thanks!

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