More leaked photos of the rumored smaller size “iPad Mini”

More leaked photos of the rumored smaller size “iPad Mini”

However from this photo compared to our previous post, the iPad Mini is not have a rear camera. Which one is true and what do you think? In my own opinion, this sounds very fake from the very beginning. First, the overall shape of such iPad is too unrealistic. It seems like a photoshop edited casing from a Macbook pro cover with the Apple Inc Logo turned 90 degrees to the left. the iPad logo also looks weird and like another photoshop great work.

Judging from past experience, however the photo shown above, it might still be possible that the first and original iPad Mini might not feature a back camera just like when iPad came out in 2 years ago. It might be a hint to the second generation with camera and this might be how Apple does its business. So it won’t be too surprising that the new iPad mini is without a rear camera. What I really hope is it must feature a front facing camera for Facetime or Skype conversation, otherwise there’s no point changing to a smaller screen and higher portability gadget if it’s without a front camera.


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