iPod Nano to get Wi-Fi?

iPod Nano to get Wi-Fi?

Apple’s pocket music player iPod Nano is getting a Wi-Fi antenna in next hardware face life.

This was also reported by Macotakara last month, but dismissed by many as a regression in terms of design, particularly given the popularity of the most recent design.

Here’s the biggest problem with suggesting that the iPod nano will have a WiFi connection with the current form factor. Most of the Wi-Fi networks that you’ll encounter will have a password attached to them to ensure that they are secure. Can you imagine what sort of user interface Apple is going to have to implement to allow for password entry for a secure Wi-Fi network as in, for instance, the one that you have at home. With a screen that size, assuming Apple retain the current form factor, it’s going to have to be an individual letter roll wheel (similar to the one found when you make a calendar appointment on an iOS device).

Although it might seem great for syncing music from iCloud using Wi-Fi through the iPod Nano, it seems technically quite difficult to include the antenna into the small casing of iPod Nano. As far as Nano is concerned, whether users will like using it to play musics from cloud remains a big question. First, people might not use it because it is quite user unfriendly to browse huge list of music, while the memory and RAM of such tiny device might not be able to support computing the client side cloud. Second, storage problem will be a big concern. Playing cloud music sounds fun but it might also take your memory away. Playing cloud doesn’t mean you don’t have to download it and it requires space to store it for temporary use. Whether iPod Nano currently has such a function remains a big question.

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