Samsung Galaxy S2 android 4.0 update:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update complaints begin to grow from motoringcrunch.

Starting with the biggest issues, there have been multiple reports of poor WiFi performance. After updating the Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android ICS, many users are complaining that they get extremely low signals in places where their Gingerbread S2 was getting a solid connection. In fact, they find themselves getting disconnected more frequently as well. We heard of similar complaints from XOOM owners previously so this may be a direct Ice Cream Sandwich problem.

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Secondly, the hardware acceleration seems to wreak havoc with scrolling. Reports are coming in that slight touches sometimes result in a few page lengths of scrolls, while at other times it just won’t kinetically scroll. Then there are smaller problems like the ability to resize widgets in TouchWiz UI being disabled, and taking screenshots being a hit and miss game when you click home+power button simultaneously.

Lastly, we want to touch on the fact that TouchWiz Gingerbread and TouchWiz Ice Cream Sandwich look almost identical. In fact, all the cool Android 4.0 touches like the holographic effects are missing. This of course is more of a gripe given that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI was the first major redesign that looks extremely polished already. Nevertheless, we can see why Samsung may have done this. Given the millions of Samsung Galaxy S2 users worldwide, many of which would be oblivious to the Android 4.0 update, would get shocked if after the update they saw something totally different and felt lost. We can imagine Samsung’s

Android helpline would be swamped with calls.

as Hong Kong is now having the update and many of complaints have just surfaced. Some of the customers fired at the slower performance and poor signal after the update.

Knowing that the GS 2 was not designed for android 4.0, users who have not upgraded should seriously consider whether the upgrade should be done. Afterall, the Samsung galaxy S3 is expected to roll in the second quarter this year. The service and development support for GS2 are expected to be cut soon.

Think twice before the upgrade.

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