Why the new iPad is not having Siri?

Why the new iPad is not having Siri?

Siri is not supported on the new iPad (iPad 3).

Since the introduction of Siri in the iPhone 4S, we are very much looking forward to the Siri landing on other iOS devices.

Unfortunately, even the latest, old device does not have access to Siri.

Why the new the iPad will not Siri is? According to the analysis, there are two main reasons. The first is that Siri must have network connection for the operation.

Apple does not guarantee that will connect to the network on the iPad. If not connected, the user will find Siri completely useless. Of course Apple could have the first right to clear the Siri need network connection, but Apple is a company that pursuits perfect experience.

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak said himself: “I used to ask the Siri what are the five biggest lakes in California , Siri was able to correctly answer, but now giving me back some real estate information. “When asked about the height of American men balance, the former have the correct information, but now they show the highest level of the valley and the male population. Although there is no way to confirm the reason, but rumors suggest that there are too many people using the Siri service, Apple was forced to analyze and shorten the statement. So will cause the Siri obtained results are no longer as accurate.

This could draw to a conclusion that Siri is finally likely to be landing on the iPad, but obviously not yet ready yet.

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