Sony Xperia Sola revealed (with tech spec) “a sense of magic” with unsatisfactory specification?

After Sony announced the new Xperia series at the MWC 2012, they suddenly released another new machine – Xperia Sola. The Xperia Sola runs Android 2.3. The screen is 3.7 inch TFT LCD screen. Built-in 8GB storage; equipped with NFC system. 5 million pixel camera lens that can shoot panoramic. Processor is dual core 1GHz.

In conclusion the Xperia Sola, the specifications completely unexciting. But Sony Xperia Sola has added a new “floating touch”. “Floating touch” suspended touch can be said to be “Touch without touch” when users are using browser-specific pages. Use your fingers on the screen over the screen without touching it. the display will detect your motion and react accordingly. Like the computer mouse on the link, even if it fails to go on will it display additional information. This technology can improve the touch of some inconvenience to have a good space for development.

Unfortunately, Sony will this technology on a little prominent on the device. Xperia Sola will be launched in the second quarter of this year, there are three colors of red, white, black available.

Android 4.0 the ICS update is expected to launch in the summer.

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