Samsung Galaxy SII getting Android ICS 4.0 update

Samsung has recently begun launching the Galaxy S II Android4.0 the android ICS 4.0 update worldwide. Users are welcome to update their device now to android 4.0 and experience the changes. If you have not yet updated, you can also take a look at this video to see the updated Android 4.0 Galaxy SII.

This update is quite disappointing however, because not much has fundamentally been changed Android 4.0 ICS interface and 2.3 Gingerbread is very different, there are a lot of changes. And so the major change in the menu andlock screen of the multi-tasking can ported to the Samsung TouchWiz version.Widget size is not changed and there is no uniform application and widgetmenu, but no Roboto font.

TouchWiz version of the whole is very similar to the Android 4.0 and Gingerbread just feel a bit smoother. Performance test 4,032 points higher thanthe Gingerbread’s 3,812. The good news is that earlier reports that this version does not support Flash, but that is not the case. Update of Android 4.0 Galaxy SII of play Flash movies as before.

Latest news also point to rumors that Hong Kong GSII users will be getting their ICS 4.0 Update next week.

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