Apple to design iPhone 5 or future i-device with nano-coating? Waterproof iPhone/iPad casing coming soon.

At the end of this year’s CES, several companies have launched nanotechnology & nano-coating for mobile phone with the technology so that waterproof shell becomes possible. Phone is expected in the future to be waterproof. HzO a company, now says Apple intends to work with them for the introduction of nano waterproof technology to their next generation devices. The company said that they are working with Apple to discuss the cooperation, as Apple’s products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. coupled with nano waterproof coating.

And they expect the in the next season, more phones will be equiped with this function. In addition, HzO President also said that Samsung mobile is very interested in their techonology too. It seems waterproof device is a general trend in the future, we can save the cost for finding waterproof shells since most of the mainstream models will usually be equipped with this technology.


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