iOS apps review: MyTown 2 city building experience with cute graphics

iOS apps review: MyTown 2 city building experience with cute graphics

This app is available on both iPhone and iPad. It is free now for a limited time but it requires lots of in-app purchase for building advanced city features. This game has also some geographic loctn on-based feature that allows you to browse the real stores that are around you and build them into your city. After building them you can all parade and modify their looks. These businesses are major income of your city along with your population increased by building more housing and community infrastructures like school and city hall. More population will draw more businesses s into the city. It seems the game rule is pretty simple unlike sim city you have to be really thoughtful before doing every step.

You can also check in to the nearby stores to gain additional money and experience for your city but the check in option is limited according to your business and your own level.

Besides the gameplay, the graphic also looks good and cute for girls. Usually this kind of game are more boys-friendly but the cute graphic will surely draw more female customers. I the game you will see some cute characters coming in and out.








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