A new video hinting Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich ROM

Recently there was an online leak of information regarding Samsung Galaxy S2 running on Android 4.0. Yesterday there was an updated video about the same topic. The older video showed was a device running Android 4.0.1 and the newer version of the video is now running Android 4.0.3.

According to YouMobile, these two version of Android has a few correction and debug from the previous Android 4.0 version. The Android 4.0.3 version is very close to completion and it is possible that the final version could really look like this. When Samsung is launching the Android 4.0 update, it will become available on Samsung Kies as an update patch. The Video shows a more Samsung touchwiz taste different from the Galaxy Nexus. It is believed that this update is almost completed and awaiting official launch.

How about the hottest Galaxy Note? Will we get the update shortly?

VIA YouMobile

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